Miami Awaits La Dolce Vita

November 16, 2017


On Tuesday, November 6th La Centrale held a private soiree at the home of co-managing partner, Jacopo Giustiniani. At the entrance of Key Biscayne, guests were greeted at the door by an Italian aroma of prosciutto and the sight of lemons in every corner. It was a night under the stars filled with delicious food, lavish conversation, and authentic Italian hospitality. Granting Miami just but a small taste of what is to come when La Centrale, Miami’s first food hall, unveils its grand opening at Brickell City Center. Miami goes Italian with La Centrale’s very own Executive Chef, Vincenzo Scarmiglia, gave guests an array of tastings and cocktails. From twenty-four month aged Parmigiano to grilled octopus with an Italian twist, there is no doubt the heart that goes into making these tasty combinations. Saving the best for last, the night was topped off with a dessert tasting, where guests could vote for which flavor of Granita served with pan dolce, they felt was best.

The winning flavor would give La Centrale their final pick between the obviously two difficult delicious choices, which will then be served in La Centrale’s grand opening. We didn’t need a plane to enjoy a night in Italy, La Centrale did a wonderful job of bringing the best of Italy to us. We’re anxiously awaiting the opening of Miami’s new Italian locale and all the delightful cuisine that comes with it.

The Italian Food Hall is slated to open in December of this year. You’ll be able to experience the tastes, aromas and sounds of 20 Italian regions. Fourteen eateries will be spread across three floors and 40,000 square feet. The eateries will offer cooking classes and retail shopping. Get ready for la dolce vita!

By: Brittney Valdes


A Mindful Miami

May 3, 2017


On Saturday, April 22, Brickell City Centre and Modern OM raised vibration in Miami with a Mass Meditation. Miami’s early risers gathered at 8:45 a.m. to celebrate Earth Day at BCC with meditation, tea, and a little shopping at the exclusive grand opening of Modern ŌM pop-up store. The Modern ŌM pop-up store featured products such as chakra centered jewelry and malas. The accessories serve as reminder of mindfulness in daily life. The Modern ŌM aims to spark conversation on what it means to be mindful in today’s multifaceted, modern world.



Top Three Things About CMX Cinemas

April 28, 2017


CMX Cinemas is now open at Brickell City Centre. Miami Crowd went on a tour and here are three things you should know:

  1. The Seats Are Fully Equipped

Seating in this theater is dangerously more comfortable than your couch at home. You may not want to go home. No, really! You have the option to recline your chair, store your personal belongings underneath, press a button to call a server, charge your phone and even turn on a night light. Plus, there’s wifi!

  1. Your Hispanic Family Will Thank You

You won’t have to translate to your abuelitos throughout the whole movie. When you arrive at CMX cinemas, you can request a translation device. You place it on the swivel table when you sit down and you can read the subtitles as you watch the movie. Voila!

  1. Great Variety of Food and Drink Options

Order a cheeseburger, a manhattan and a skillet baked chocolate chunk cookie. The menu has a variety of options that you would normally not expect when visiting a movie theater. A well crafted cocktail and pulled pork sliders, yes please! Other items we loved: The Tavern Style Pepperoni Pizza, Crispy Chicken Sandwich and The Turkey BLT.



Tacology Arrives at Brickell City Centre

February 16, 2017


Tacology is a new arrival at Brickell City Centre. Precisely calculated food stations around the restaurant, make this location colorful and practical. The stations are divided up by types of food such as tacos, drinks, cold entrees, etc., However, it doesn’t mean you get up to visit the different stations, the server goes to the stations for you. The stations are more for visual affect. The restaurant brings a variety of seating options, you can lounge on the outside patio facing the mall, sit at the high stools at the bar, take a regular table or take a half booth style area by the enormous video wall in the back.

Ceviches, tostadas, salads and specialty plates are some sections to choose from on the menu. Try the Mexican Nachos from the Specialty section. The dish is equipped with corn tortillas, melted Mexican cheese blend, black beans, roasted corn, avocados, shrimp and chipotle cream.

The owners behind Cantina La Veinte in Brickell, sure put in some work to make this place a hit. During its soft opening, all the tables were filled up and the place was bustling. You can book a table straight from their website here.

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