Top Three Things About CMX Cinemas

CMX Cinemas is now open at Brickell City Centre. Miami Crowd went on a tour and here are three things you should know:

  1. The Seats Are Fully Equipped

Seating in this theater is dangerously more comfortable than your couch at home. You may not want to go home. No, really! You have the option to recline your chair, store your personal belongings underneath, press a button to call a server, charge your phone and even turn on a night light. Plus, there’s wifi!

  1. Your Hispanic Family Will Thank You

You won’t have to translate to your abuelitos throughout the whole movie. When you arrive at CMX cinemas, you can request a translation device. You place it on the swivel table when you sit down and you can read the subtitles as you watch the movie. Voila!

  1. Great Variety of Food and Drink Options

Order a cheeseburger, a manhattan and a skillet baked chocolate chunk cookie. The menu has a variety of options that you would normally not expect when visiting a movie theater. A well crafted cocktail and pulled pork sliders, yes please! Other items we loved: The Tavern Style Pepperoni Pizza, Crispy Chicken Sandwich and The Turkey BLT.