Tacology Arrives at Brickell City Centre

Tacology is a new arrival at Brickell City Centre. Precisely calculated food stations around the restaurant, make this location colorful and practical. The stations are divided up by types of food such as tacos, drinks, cold entrees, etc., However, it doesn’t mean you get up to visit the different stations, the server goes to the stations for you. The stations are more for visual affect. The restaurant brings a variety of seating options, you can lounge on the outside patio facing the mall, sit at the high stools at the bar, take a regular table or take a half booth style area by the enormous video wall in the back.

Ceviches, tostadas, salads and specialty plates are some sections to choose from on the menu. Try the Mexican Nachos from the Specialty section. The dish is equipped with corn tortillas, melted Mexican cheese blend, black beans, roasted corn, avocados, shrimp and chipotle cream.

The owners behind Cantina La Veinte in Brickell, sure put in some work to make this place a hit. During its soft opening, all the tables were filled up and the place was bustling. You can book a table straight from their website here.

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