OTL opens at the Miami Design District

The newest neighbor to move to the Miami Design District is OTL aka “Out To Lunch.” The neighborhood, known for its fashion, design, architecture and dining spaces is a perfect match for OTL’s minimalist and contemporary space. The mid-century look paired with industrial metal accents comes from the Deft Union design team. It’s the same people behind Sweet Liberty’s design on Miami Beach.

The owners: Craig Robbins and Dave Grutman. Craig Robbins, an entrepreneur and real estate developer, has worked on revitalizing areas of Miami and Miami Beach. While club promoter turned business owner, Dave Grutman is known for Miami’s iconic spots such as LIV and Story nightclubs and restaurant Komodo in Brickell.

The OTL breakfast and lunch spot, brings a laid-back feel with straightforward menu items that include sandwiches, salads and coffee options. What next? OTL plans to use their second story for extracurricular activities and if we’ve seen anything from Dave… we know there is always something up his sleeve.

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