Seaspice Introduces a Persea Martini

Miami’s riverside restaurant, Seaspice, introduces a Persea Martini. The carefully curated cocktail by mixologist Atilla Kocsis, is a balance of Baron tequila, fresh avocado, pineapple juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and  garnished with fresh black pepper.

Luckily, the recipe was shared and here’s how to make it:

1 spoon of avocado
¾ simple syrup
¾ lemon juice
1oz pineapple juice
1.5oz Baron Silver Tequila
Fresh black pepper

Add all ingredients in the order listed above into the shaker on the rocks.
Shake vigorously until the avocado liquefies
Pour mix into a martini glass
Garnish with fresh black pepper

If you can’t perfect it, then just make a reservation here.

martini3 martini2