Miami Gets A New Brewery

August 3, 2017


Once upon a time, Miamians envied other states for their breweries and craft beer taps at bars. Not anymore. Miami has leveled up. A new addition to the brewery list has just been added. VEZA SUR Brewing Company. Here are three things you should know:

  • Will be located in Wynwood, offering an open-concept space with communal seating and a garden
  • A collaboration between Bogota Beer Company and 10 Barrel Brewing Co.
  • It’s Miami-made craft beer with Latin and American roots

Why Miami? “Miami is the capital of Latin America in the United States, which is exactly why we chose it as our home and the home of VEZA SUR,” says Berny Silberwasser, founder of Bogota Beer Company, the most successful craft brewery in Colombia.

Veza Sur is striving to cultivate a space that’s inviting and homelike. You can arrive at the brewery and feel the chill and low-key atmosphere. “We’ve always enjoyed visiting Miami which has an amazing culture, and have had interest in starting a craft brewery that can meld multiple cultures,” says Chris Cox, Co-Founder of 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

A brewery with West Coast and South American Fusion will be well received. After all Miami is known for its diverse culture and international flair. VEZA SUR is scheduled to open on August 19th. 


Tavour Your Way Through Craft Beer

August 3, 2017


Miami beer lovers, you’re in luck! Tavour recently started shipping to Florida at a flat fee of $14.90. What is Tavour? Tavour is helping you get craft beer to savour it at home.

In 2013, Tavour founders felt a lack of craft beer options in their supermarkets. They took matters into their own hands and sought out to give beer fans a better selection by partnering with more than 400 independent breweries. The breweries allow Tavour to disperse their members with limited and rare beers straight to their homes. As a member, you can access the selection via email or Tavour app. You browse and choose what you would like to receive and then pay for your self-curated crate.

Two notifications a day from Tavour allows you to stay abreast of new craft beer options. You can opt to continue adding to your cart or ship the beer and receive it in as little as a week. It is not a beer of the month club. When you sign up on the Tavour site, you get an email with a rundown of how it works in three steps that reads:

  1. Explore
    • Receive Daily Limited Beer Releases to your phone or inbox
  2. Select
    • Purchase the beers that excite you with a click or or by replying to the email
  3. Drink!
    • Every 4-5 weeks (or sooner if you like) we deliver all the beer you’ve ordered to your door

Get ready to taste and savour, or better yet Tavour beer straight to your door. Is that what Tavour means?

Check out Tavour and their beers!