StripSteak @ Fontainebleau

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What is underneath the Fontainebleau

Tucked away below the Fontainebleau Miami Beach is such a thing called “BleauFish,” also known as “water world.” The idea behind BleauFish is to provide consumers that frequent the nine Fontainebleau restaurants with fresh fish by utilizing their ocean to table live catch program. The hotel hosts about six tanks with variety of fish including lobsters and crabs.

The concept behind the program is to keep the fish stress-free, which allows them to be tastier at consumption. The spiny lobsters are kept at a cool temperature of 70 degrees because that’s what they like according to Executive Chef Thomas Connell. These 300-gallon tanks are quite the delight to see and not everyone gets to request a tour. They save the experience for VIPs or Event Coordinators who will be booking the ballrooms for large-scale events.

When choosing one of the nine restaurants within the Fontainebleau, StripSteak is the way to go. The staff pays close attention to detail, which makes you want to come back for more.

Recommended items:

• YELLOWTAIL SASHIMI, if you’re into raw fish… select this dish. Neatly made with shaved cucumber, fresno chili, shiso and uni. $22.00
• A must have is the DUCK & RICOTTA CAVATELLI, a combination of mushrooms, fava beans, ricotta salata and pea tendrils. $22.00
• DRY-AGED KC STRIP 16 OZ, these meats are aged to perfection and will cost you a cool. $46.00
• AUSTRALIAN TOMAHAWK 50 OZ, can be easily shared but its not always a good option to share as this option is the most flavorful meat you’ll ever taste. $150.00
• Although known for their meats, Stripsteak can make a hell of a black truffle MAC AND CHEESE. $12.00
• DUCK FAT TRUFFLE FRIES, plated with herbs and Parmesan. $12.00
• Definitely get a taste of the KEY LIME PIE. Key West, Florida is usually known for their pie. Well, Key West you just found your match. $12.00
• HAND CRAFTED CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS, ganache filling with chicory anglaise. $13.00

On your way out, see the host and stamp your valet ticket for a discounted rate.


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