Oculto Manor @ Soho Studios

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April 23 through May 2 Miami, Florida witnessed Oculto Manor at Soho Studios, an enormous fun house with more ten rooms of elaborated décor and entertainment. Walking in, guests entered a room with event staff passing out welcome Oculto beers. After the welcome room, additional event staff dressed as hotel bell people escorted guests and lead into a dark narrow hallway, where shelves were filled with white masks. The staff was ready to entertain with their scripted speeches about how the night would unravel and urged the guests to put on their masks. Guests were quickly escorted into next room where the fun began. Pillow fights; jail scene, house party, wedding chapel, bathhouse and a pool party were all themed rooms at Soho Studios. The last room as much larger space for what seem to be the grand finale, a ballroom spaced area with live DJ, bartenders and forest like décor. To check out more images from Oculto Manor on their instagram: https://instagram.com/oculto_us/