Exclusive Interview with Mozart La Para

Miami Crowd caught up with Mozart La Para at the 2017 edition of Miami Bash. La Para is Roc Nation Latin’s first signed artist. La Paras’ most recent hit song Fiesta y Vacilon (party and fun), reached more than 1.9 million views to date. The song speaks on having fun with no strings attached.

La Para’s energetic and fun personality, transcends into his upbeat musical vibes. He spoke about his next track, including lyrics such as “I came to put order.” He gave the meaning behind his song Primero Que Kanye. He claims to be receiving the latest sneakers before Kanye. He states to be connected to the Adidas brand, this being the reason as to how he receives the Yeezy sneakers before public release. Clarifying that the Yeezy’s are Kanye’s collaboration with Adidas.

Being the first artist signed to Roc Nation Latin, we asked whether a collaboration with Jay-Z could be in his plans. To which he responded, “Could be.” The music genre is filled with newcomers and Mozart states he keeps uniqueness by “swimming against the current.” He aims to not make music that the audience wants, but rather innovates to bring his audience a new style of music. His goal is to pull his audience in with his multifaceted music style.

He will appear in the upcoming Made in America music festival alongside Jay-Z, J Cole, the Chainsmokers, Kaskade, Marshmello, Migos and more.