JOE & THE JUICE Fuels up Miami

Joe & The Juice has been all the hype when launching at each of their 180 locations worldwide. Now, it has arrived in sunny South Florida to fuel up the community with smoothies, pressed juices and grub. The difference between Joe & The Juice and other coffee shops is the atmosphere and culture. If you think you are walking into any ordinary coffee shop for a cup of Joe… You are wrong!

Miami is known for its party and lifestyle scene. Joe & The Juice is bringing the party to health conscious Joe and Juice lovers. You can catch the baristas singing along to Calvin Harris – This is What You Came For or concocting their own sing-a-longs. They may also be using the steam from the coffee machine as their own club-like smoke machine. The hype is REAL!

In New York City, lines formed outside during a casting call with hopefuls looking to score a job placement. Why? Employees have the opportunity to work at locations around the world. Not only are you working alongside co-workers at the coffee shop, but you can live with them too! Think of it as Real World meets Joe & The Juice. Miami Joe & The Juicers’ live together in a mansion with pool and bay-view. It’s no wonder they flock at the opportunity to join the work-party.

The company is known to open locations in clusters. Therefore, expect for a location to pop up in your neighborhood soon. The flagship is now open for business at 1600 Collins Avenue on Miami Beach.

From the pressed juice selection, we recommend the Green Shield made with Cucumber, Kale, Broccoli, Spinach and Apple. As far as shakes, grab a Power Shake with Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla Milk. All the sandwiches come on flatbreads, we say go for the Avocado which includes Avocado (duh), Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto. You can’t go wrong with any Joe. If you can’t decide opt for the Pink and Purple Lattes! One is lighter in carbs and grams of fat than other.

Once you’ve got your grub on, don’t forget to snap some pictures at their Joe & Me Photo Booth! Leave a copy with them and take a copy for keeps!