How to Make Cochon555’s Winning Punch

The Miami PUNCH KINGS competition at this year’s Cochon555 brought the cocktails to a new level. We had the chance to speak to the bartender of the winning punch recipe: Haza Yo Faza Punch. Ben Jewell of El Grito – Miami, gave Miami Crowd the details on what went into the winning punch.

Ingredients and measurements:
1.5 oz Breckenridge Bourbon
2 oz Tepache*
.5 oz Mezcal Espadin
.33 oz Tempis Fugit Creme de Cacao
.33 oz Giffards Banana de Breisel
Angostura Aromatic & Orange Bitters

How to serve:
Over a big ice cube, with a dust of nutmeg

What to garnish with:
Canela and pineapple leaf

*Tepache is a Mexican street-style fermented pineapple beverage – we make ours with a slight variation. At El Grito, we serve Tepache on the rocks or as an ingredient in cocktails. To make Tepache use an entire pineapple – boil the skins with canela, star anise and piloncillo. Juice pulp and the core of the entire pineapple are then added to a jug along with the skins, filtered water, canela, cardamom, ginger, piloncillo, star anise and one can of negra modelo (flavor/yeast). Tepache sits for 10-12 days as it ferments for flavor. It is then strained, chilled and served. – Ben Jewell

Ben knows his cocktails and is always reinventing the traditional to bring guests a mixology experience like no other. To experience the flavors in his craft cocktails, you can find him mixing it up at 1766 Bay Rd in Miami Beach.


photo by Max Flatow Photography/COCHON 555