How the program Show Your Glow Helps Provide Tools for Parents and Educators

Woman Founder Shelby Herman, created a 360 program Show Your Glow, to help children build confidence. The program is equipped with a curriculum, Shimmer the Glow Worm Finds Her Inner Glow, an Interactive App, downloadable lessons and activities, as well as a full Stage Production. 

The need for content that helps children reconnect with the core values that live inside of them, driving them to be socially competent and empowered is on the rise. A program such as Show Your Glow will provide the level of confidence and self-esteem that children need to maneuver through turbulent times. The Show Your Glow brand has shown rapid growth through its various program components and now Herman wants to share this brand with more breadth across the world.

Image courtesy of Show Your Glow

“At first, most of our supporters were local. Recently, we’ve been receiving an incredible amount of support from consumers across many states,” says founder and writer, Shelby Herman. Herman recognized the need for children’s activities and programs that would allow them to learn how to tap into their self-confidence, align their moral compass and make meaningful decisions. As COVID 19 cases continue to be a challenge in the US, more schools have shifted traditional learning programs into hybrid learning scenarios and therefore in-person interactions have diminished. The pandemic has affected children who are stuck indoors and have lost a sense of self-awareness. As a result, Herman has been further inspired to promote and sell her curriculum that includes five modules, which resonate
with a multitude of parents and educators.

The book Shimmer the Glowworm by Shelby Herman is focused on the idea that we all have a light that can shine bright for ourselves and others if we embrace it. Throughout the story, themes of self-esteem, relationship building, sociability, emotional awareness, goal setting, empathy, and decision making are unveiled through the various characters. This book is a must read to be purchased by libraries, parents, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school teachers to read aloud to their children. The artwork is enticing with both color and detail. As part of the brand’s reach, the Show Your Glow program is currently being used as part of the curriculum in a youth center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Image Courtesy of Show Your Glow

The effects of this program are so impactful. “A special needs five-year-old surprised me by remembering the names of all of the animals in this story. He was excited and asked for the story again.” says Dorothea McArthur PhD, ABPP, Clinical Psychologist.

Elementary school educators can make the curriculum come alive by bringing Show Your Glow to their school’s stage. Shimmer the Glowworm: The Musical is an interactive way for children to participate in their fundraisers and booster clubs. The stage production comes equipped with books, t-shirts, bags, stickers, and posters for the show. This play has already been performed in schools in California, as part of a test pilot and is well received by parents and educators in that location.

Herman is currently working on an exciting new character. Show Your Glow offers worldwide shipping and licensing options. The Shimmer The Glowworm Finds Her Glow Book is available for purchase on Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles. For more information, visit: