Little Havana’s Doce Provisions

Tourists flock to this small eatery in Little Havana, whether it was mentioned in a magazine or a foodie blog…we’re not sure. All we know is that the diversity of visitors is vast and DSLR cameras in and out are plenty.

It could be the shishito peppers, or maybe the homemade guac served with purple onions, crisp tostones with sprinkled cayenne pepper and parmesan cheese. Whatever it is, people are eating up the menu.

And should you visit, we say to definitely go for the Rock Shrimp Mac and Cheese and Doce Provision’s version of chicken and waffles (Buttermilk Fried Chicken). The Rock Shrimp Mac and Cheese is made to complete perfection with spicy notes for the spicy feens. Seconds? Their menu gives you smaller and larger portion options…choose wisely.

Thirsty? That mac and cheese’s spice goes well with their craft beer hefeweizen selection. So pair it with a brewski!

Why Doce Provisions? The location gets its inspiration from Miami’s crowd, the international culture infused into the city. That’s why you’ll see burgers such as the ‘short rib burger’ with sliced queso frito inside. Why? Well, we see the burger being american cuisine and the queso frito being Nicaraguan… but that’s just our opinion. We think its awesome! American-Fritanga. That’s what they do, they mix up different cultural foods to bring you something special.

When you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something daring…visit this sweet spot with indoor and outdoor seating.