AirPods in Music On


AirPods, the courageous move from Apple. Apple has had success for years, with it dissipating as innovation slows down. But there’s something different with these headphones. Yes, they’re pricey at $159 but they’re worth the cost. The head phone market has had a long success with Beats, and runners up Bose. But these AirPods come with a familiar look and feel.

The style is the same minus a wire. With improved Bluetooth capability and Apples new W1 chip these headphones are a definite GO! No, they don’t slip out of your ear, no they’re not hard to pair. To set up, you simply open the case and press the button on the back, voila you have Bluetooth head phones. The case may look like dental floss, but its’ purpose is for storage and charging. Speaking of battery life, the AirPods hold a 5-hour charge and the case 24 hours. If you’re an Android user, you’re in luck. The AirPods can be paired with any android phone capable of Bluetooth connectivity. The only complaint, why didn’t you create these years ago, Apple?