The Only Lighting Accessory You’ll Need for Your Phone

The new indoor-quarantined social media challenges call for new tech devices to perfect your next selfie, TikTok video, or Toosie Slide insta-story. An important step in your new video making hobby involves getting the lighting right. The new Moon® UltraLight is compact, portable, and lightweight device that slides onto your phone to help you create controlled lighting for your photos or video.

Image Courtesy of Moon Selfiie.
Image Courtesy of Moon Selfiie.

The device works as a manual adjustable clip to fit thinner or thicker devices including any phone, phone case, tablets and laptops. Think better lighting for your next virtual meeting. When you’re ready to snap a picture, you’ll able to customize the type of lighting you want, whether it daylight hue or a golden warm, the brightness levels can be attained with accuracy.

The Moon device lasts 2-3 days on intermittent usage with 2-3 hours of continuous use for video mode. It has fast-charge capability for to 60% charge in 30 minutes, brings built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and charges via a Micro USB.

The lighting specs:
Tungsten color tone 2700K
Daylight color tone 5000K
Lux: 400
Frosted diffusion lens.

To use it, place your index and middle fingers on the front of the device beside the metal and hold for 1.5 seconds. The light will come on, you can then gently tap on the right to increase the lighting or on the left to decrease it. When you place the two fingers on the moon again for 1 second, you’ll able to switch modes for brightness and color mode. Using the right to tap for warmer color mode and the left to tap for cooler mode.

The device comes in an Ultra nifty packaged box and includes the Moon UltraLight, Micro USB Cable, a small zipper black circle Carrying Case, and the User Manual. The Carrying Case makes it easy to store in your purse, attach to your keys, or a back pack. The device retails for $49.99 and comes in black or white.

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