How Kombrewcha is Reaching Millenials

Are you a millennial born between 1982 and 2002?

Chances are you’ve noticed your lifestyle changes over time. For example, you understand your body better and know that you can’t hang like before. Better yet, brands are beginning to understand your lifestyle changes and are tailoring products specifically catered to you. 

Companies have taken note and are tailoring its messaging and product ingredients to meet your demands. Take Kombrewcha for example, a fizzy fermented tea that brings the “chill AF” vibe according to its most recent marketing campaign.

The brand is geared toward fitting into the millennial lifestyle, by portraying a laid back feel. Its product is made with 3.2% ABV alcohol. It’s also surprisingly low in sugar and calories. Making its product a great alternative to wine, beer or cider. 


You’ll have relatable captions on the brand’s Instagram account such as “let me upgrade you” and “allow me to reintroduce myself.”

Allow me to reintroduce myself… #Kombrewcha #HardKombucha #KomBrewWithUs #ThatNewBrew

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Let me upgrade you 💁🏼 #Kombrewcha #HardKombucha #KomBrewWithUs #ThatNewBrew A post shared by Kombrewcha (@kombrewcha) on