Three Fun Latina Owned Brands to Support

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! Here are brands with original, cultural expression. These brands were created by Latinas eager to share their fun and useful products with the world.

  1. Vince and Soph Apparel

An apparel company that infuses Hispanic cultural flare into their designs. Angelica Grunewald, founder of the apparel line, gets inspiration from her children “and my large extended family, full of cousins, tio’s and tia’s, our customs, and our traditions and the funny way we speak Spanglish,” she says. Spanglish is apparent in the variety of pieces you can purchase. Angelica has created t-shirts and onesie pieces for bilingual children with sayings such as “But First Leche,” and “Bebe Bilingue.”


Rizos Curls

2. Julissa Prado, founder of Rizos Curls, set out to make a curly hair product that works. After years of not being able to find the right solution for her curly hair, she took it upon herself to launch her own brand. Rizos Curls offers a three-step process that includes a shampoo, conditioner and curl defining cream. The Rizos Curl system includes all three products and retails for $38. The products are made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, moringa oil and sunflower oil. 


  1. Vera Mona

Leticia Cabrera Calvo, founder of Vera Mona Cosmetics, coined a useful tool for beauty fans. Leticia created the tool Color Switch while attending a summer class at Loyola Marymount. What does it do? Color Switch Solo Instant Brush Cleaner allows you to stroke your makeup brush against the sponge to completely remove eye-shadow color. Her creative product went viral on Instagram and within one month she was an established business. “Now we sell in boutiques all around the world, our website and all US and Canada Sephora stores,” she says.