Exclusive Q & A with Jewelry Designer Jianni Acosta

Courtesy of House of Jewels Miami

Tell us about yourself and why you chose to open House of Jewels Miami? 

As a first generation college student, I followed the american dream every immigrant parent wants for their children. That is to pursue a degree and land a corporate job. I did just that. Upon college graduation, I was on a flight to California to begin working for a corporate 100 company. Once I started working, I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. Life wasn’t as glamorous as everyone made it seem. I keep thinking that I didn’t want to disappoint my friends and family who had always looked up to me. 

Consequently, I used to bead for fun and I decided to begin selling my jewelry designs as a “side hustle.” That’s when I realized, what fulfilled me was in front of me. My dream of combining my jewelry making hobby and my interest in business came true when House of Jewels Miami launched. Thanks to the support I have received, I was able to quit my Corporate Finance job to follow my dreams of being a business owner. Now, I’m able to work on something that I truly LOVE – making and designing jewelry. 

When did House of Jewels Miami launch and where are you located? 

We officially launched March 1st 2020 and we are based out of Miami FL. 

What is the inspiration of your brand and its collections? 

The inspiration behind my brand is being able to offer quality gold jewelry at an affordable price. We take pride in using gold-filled, gold-layered and water friendly jewels (18K gold plated over stainless steel) while staying budget friendly. Trends are constantly changing, and we believe there is no need to break the bank in order to accessorize in style.  When working on a collection, we ensure to consider different styles (i.e., dainty vs bold). At HOJM, we like to offer something for all of our gold lovers. 

Have you grown fast? Has the growth been local and national? 

Yes, our revenue continues to grow every single day with an increase in nationwide and international sales. At first, most of our supporters were local. In the recent months, we’ve been receiving an incredible amount of support from individuals across many different states and Canada. Since our launch date, we’ve had sales growth in the high double digits month-over-month. We hope to keep the momentum going!

When is the next collection launching? 

The new INDULGE collection has launched and is available online at House of Jewels Miami.

Screw Bangle $30
Double Heart Cuff $23

Your site has a grant program, can you tell us about it? 

House of Jewels Miami’s mission is to encourage people to follow their dreams and live a life with purpose. We want to help aspiring entrepreneurs, who feel lost or stuck at a job they dislike, to launch their business ideas. Early stages of a startup company may need things such as extra inventory or advancement courses. We want to help however we can. That’s why we’ve launched an initiative where the brand commits to donate 30% of proceeds from our DREAM collection to support my fellow dreamers and do-ers! 

In addition to my cash donation, I have also partnered with other business owners (i.e, tax advice, digital consulting, and apparel printing) who would like to also offer their services in order to offer the winner a “entrepreneur starter pack” experience. Together, we can live our best life while implementing innovative ideas, transforming the way we work, creating jobs and ultimately making the world a better place. 

Do you plan on opening stores or stay online? Do you wholesale? 

Our goal is to be solely online and partner with small boutiques across the nation to carry our brand in their store. We currently offer wholesale options and have plans to continue to expand that channel.

Visit House of Jewels Miami to shop their collections.

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